CPAP Equipment Guide




CPAP Equipment Guide

Please find some extensive video resources below to guide you through the correct setup, fitting, maintenance and cleaning of your CPAP machines and accessories. Our resources cover the major CPAP brands and models. 

If you are having problems with your CPAP equipment not covered in this guide, please contact us to discuss or to book a custom fitting appointment. We believe in providing personalised service and the best possible care at all times and are happy to help. 

Fisher & Paykel CPAP Equipment Guides

Icon Set Up Guide

Simplus Mask Fitting Guide

SleepStyle Set Up Guide

Eson Mask

Eson Reassembly Guide

Brevida Mask

Icon Cleaning Guide

Simplus Cleaning Guide

SleepStyle Daily Cleaning Guide

Eson2 Mask Fitting Guide

Eson2 Mask

Brevida Mask Fitting Guide

Simplus Mask

Simplus Reassembly Guide

SleepStyle Weekly Cleaning Guide

Eson Cleaning Guide

Eson2 Mask Fitting Guide

Pilairo Q Mask Fitting Guide

Philips CPAP Equipment Guides

60 Series Heated Tube Guide

DreamStation Cleaning Guide

Amara View Fitting Guide

Amara View Cleaning Guide

Dreamwear Nasal Gel Cushion

Nuance Pro Fitting Guide

DreamStation Set Up Guide

DreamStation Filter Changing Guide

Amara View Adjustment Guide

Dreamwear Full Face Mask

Dreamwear Nasal Pillow Mask and Fitting Guide

Nuance Pro Cleaning Guide

DreamStation Menu Navigation Guide

DreamStation Humidification Adjustment Guide

Amara View Assembly Guide

Dreamwear Mask Fitting and Assembly Guide

Dreamwear Nasal Pillow Adjustment Guide


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