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Pacific Sleep is a family-owned, independent company. For more than a decade, we have been providing sleep health services from our Canton Beach Road, Toukley office.

We are your local independent service provider for sleep tests, CPAP therapies and oxygen. We also have an overnight sleep lab, for people whose doctors have recommended this procedure. If you feel that your sleep is not as good as it should be, talk to your general practitioner to see if they recommend that you have a sleep test. If so, they can refer you to Pacific Sleep Toukley.

At Pacific Sleep Toukley, when you book for your sleep test, you will have consultations with one of the leading sleep and respiratory specialist doctors on the Central Coast. Our sleep specialist doctor will take time to screen you for any underlying health issues, and address any concerns you might have.

Pacific Sleep clinicians will assist you with your home sleep testing procedure. At your follow-up appointment, you will see the sleep specialist once again, and you will receive the results of the test and appropriate medical advice for you. If your doctor advises that you have an overnight sleep test at Pacific Sleep Toukley, our friendly staff will advise you on the procedure.

At Pacific Sleep Toukley, we work closely with expert sleep and respiratory physicians, as well as your general practitioner, to ensure that your sleep is contributing to your overall good health.

At our Toukley office, we stock CPAP machines, masks, parts and supplies for all major brands, including Resmed, Philips, Fisher & Paykel, Transcend, Sefam and more. We offer fixed and portable oxygen concentrators, for hire or for purchase, as well as oxygen consumables.

Pacific Sleep Toukley is located at 45 Canton Beach Road, Toukley, opposite the taxi rank. There is plenty of parking nearby.

Pacific Sleep Toukley CPAP Consultation

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