Fisher & Paykel Sleepstyle Humidifier Seal


Humidifier top seal for the Fisher & Paykel Sleepstyle CPAP device.


This Humidifier Chamber Seal is designed exclusively for use with the F&P SleepStyle Auto CPAP Machines. Includes the chamber seal only – the CPAP machine is not included.

The Sleepstyle Humidifier Seal sits on top of the F&P SleepStyle Auto’s Humidifier Chamber. It protects the device from leaking water, or water ingress into the CPAP machine and prevents damage. It also seals the pressure within the chamber. The humidifier seal must always be in place for the correct operation of the SleepStyle sleep therapy device. The chamber seal is made of high grade silicone and it is dishwasher safe on the top shelf. It should be cleaned weekly to ensure good hygiene and the continued correct operation of the CPAP machine.

The Humidifier chamber seal should be replaced if it is lost, if it appears damaged or worn, or will no longer seal properly and leaks.

We have many other replacement parts and accessories available for Fisher and Paykel CPAP machines.

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