Fisher & Paykel Sleepstyle AUTO with Heated Tube Humidifier


Included in purchase: Auto Sleepstyle device with heated tube humidifier (2 years warranty), heated tubing, 2 x filter, standard tubing adaptation. NOTE: No mask is included, this is device only.

Additional purchases include: standard tubing, CPAP mask and extended three year warranty (total of 5 years).


Sleepstyle Auto CPAP device with Heated Tube Humidifier

The Fisher & Paykel Sleepstyle Auto with Heated Tube CPAP device automatically adjusts the air pressure as needed.

It’s design focuses on simplicity and comfort. They have designed their menu so that it is easy to navigate and accessible for people with arthritis and similar conditions. One press and you can access the humidifier chamber to clean with no issues.

One of many comfort features that F&P have added to the Sleepstyle. Expiration relief lowers the air pressure everytime you breathe out. This makes breathing much easier especially when combined with a F&P mask.


  • Incorporated modem for remote monitoring.
  • Seven easy to adjust humidifier settings.
  • Easy to access and clean the water chamber.
  • View sleep data on screen or via bluetooth to the app.
  • Automatic ramp technology.
  • Expiration relief.

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