Resmed CPAP Mask Wipes



Resmed CPAP Mask Wipes

ResMed CPAP Mask Wipes make it easy to keep your mask clean and germ free. A fast and easy cleaning solution for any CPAP mask because it is as simple as wiping clean! The wipes do not leave sticky residue.

Daily cleaning of your CPAP mask optimises the seal of masks, therefore minimises mask leak.

Using the mask wipes rids the mask cushion of facial oils and germs. The oils and germs should be removed from the cushion daily or after each use to prevent mask leak, skin soreness and infection.

Using CPAP Mask Wipes, you can wipe your mask clean from any residue from the night before and enjoy all the benefits of a fresh, clean mask.

You should wash your mask weekly in a mild disinfectant solution to ensure it’s cleanliness.

These mask wipes come in a convenient container that holds 62 wipes. Simply remove one wipe from the container after each use of your mask, and wipe the mask cushion clean.


  • 100% cotton
  • Alcohol and latex free
  • Contains a fresh, unscented cleaning agent and aloe vera.

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