Purdoux CPAP Tube Cleaning Brush 2-1



Purdoux CPAP Tube Cleaning Brush 2-1

The Purdoux CPAP Tube Cleaning Brush 2-1 cleans and dries your CPAP tube.

The kit comes with rods, comfort handle, cleaning brush and cloth fitting.

Use of the brush and drying cloth can prevent mould accumulating in your CPAP tube. Be careful not to over extend the rods. Be gentle when inserting the fitting into your CPAP tube, as well as when removing.

The assembly is easy. All parts twist onto each other, and can be easily swapped for an alternative fitting as required.

The Cleaning brush fits most standard sized CPAP tubes.

To clean your CPAP tube;

Before using the cleaning brush, soak your CPAP tube in a mild disinfectant for 5-10 minutes.

After soaking, use the CPAP cleaning brush to scrub the inside of your CPAP tube.

To use the brush, connect it to the rod by twisting it on to the top of the rod fitting. Gently insert the cleaning brush into the end of your tubing to scrub away any dust or debris such as mould, hair or particles.

Rinse the CPAP through with clean water to rid residual cleaning chemicals and move particles through.

Use the drying cloth to remove large particles of water to aid faster drying, therefore reducing likelihood of mould or damp odour.

To use the drying cloth, twist the brush off the end of the rod. Attach the cloth extension and insert into tubing to dry large collections of water from inside of your tube.

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