Fisher & Paykel Icon Thermosmart Heated Tubing


Fisher & Paykel Icon Thermosmart Heated Tubing.


Fisher & Paykel Icon Thermosmart Heated Tubing x 1. CPAP machine not included.

The ThermoSmart Heated tubing hose is designed for and compatible with the Fisher & Paykel ICON series CPAP machines. ThermoSmart technology is advanced humidification that uses a heated element throughout the tubing. This ensures the humidification level of the machine is the same as what is provided at the mask.  This helps reduce the chances of condensation build up inside the tubing or mask.  The heated tubing does not warm the air being provided to the user, it simply keeps the tube at a temperature that allows the humidity to be consistent.

The Icon Heated Tubing is designed to be compatible with the Fisher & Paykel ICON Series CPAP machines and will not work with any other machines. One end of the tubing has an electrical connector that connects to the CPAP machine. The other end is a normal 22mm cuff allowing any CPAP mask to be used.

Tubing features a corrugated exterior allowing it to be flexible even with the heated element throughout.  The interior is smooth and allows easy cleaning of the hose while limiting the chance of soap or water being left inside.

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