Fisher & Paykel Icon Humidifier Chamber


Fisher & Paykel Icon Humidifier Chamber.


Includes the Fisher & Paykel Icon Humidifier Chamber only. CPAP machine not included.

This is a replacement water chamber tub for the heated humidifier. It is compatible with the Fisher & Paykel ICON series of CPAP machines. It consists of a thermoplastic casing and a non-corrosive stainless steel base. The lid does not remove and the chamber is all one piece. Chamber capacity is 420ml to maximum fill line. Always ensure that the water chamber is properly inserted before operating your ICON CPAP device.

The manufacturer recommends that you use distilled water in the F&P Icon Humidifier Chamber. This prevents the build up of calcium and lime from standard tap water. The chamber is hand washable and dishwasher safe. Empty the water chamber tub daily to maintain hygiene and to avoid bacterial contamination. To clean and disinfect the chamber, use one part vinegar with four parts water. Air dry out of direct sunlight.

Compatible with F&P Icon and Icon+ CPAP machines. Replace the humidifier chamber  every 6-12 months or sooner if it shows damage.

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