Philips Dreamstation Go Disposable Filter


The DreamStation Go Disposable Filter 2 Pack offers CPAP patients a cleaner, more effective filter option. The synthetic fibre filters screen out particulate matter down to 0.5-0.7 microns, giving Dreamstation Go patients peace of mind


Philips Dreamstation Go Disposable Filter

The Philips Dreamstation Go Disposable Filter are recommended for people who are sensitive to odours or allergies. Disposable filters need to be changed every 30 days or sooner (depending on debris accumulation or damage).

DreamStation Go Disposable Filter Features:

  • Filters out particulates down to 0.5-0.7 microns
  • Synthetic fibre filter is 95% efficient and provides cleaner air than standard reusable filter
  • Extra clean filter beneficial for patients sensitive to tobacco smoke and other irritants

The advanced features on the Dreamstation Go Travel machines includes a “check filter” warning. This warning pops up on the screen if the machine detects clogs or performance issues.

These disposable filters are only compatible with the DreamStation Go Travel auto and fixed CPAP machines.

Please note these filters are disposable and are not suitable for washing. Replace Air filters every month to protect your device from damage caused by things such as dust and dander.

Regular filter maintenance ensures air quality which is important for your health. If you have allergies or have been unwell, your filters should be replaced more regularly. Filter replacement is also important for the health of your device. Blocked filters can cause the device to dysfunction, therefore device failure.

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