Philips Dreamstation Fixed with Heated Tube Humidifier + Modem


Includes: Dreamstation Fixed CPAP device (5 years warranty) with heated tube humidifier with modem (no mask).

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Philips Dreamstation Fixed with Heated Tube Humidifier + Modem

The Philips Dreamstation Fixed with Heated Tube Humidifier featuring a heated tube humidifier with adjustable humidifier settings. A simple and elegant design with modem for remote monitoring.

Simple to use, elegant in design and features:

  • Fixed pressure algorithm for consistent pressure delivery at your prescription pressure.
  • Manual ramp comfort setting for pressure reduction and easy button view. This setting gives you control over decreasing the pressure when you are awake to improve your comfort. The pressure will increase over a timed ramp.
  • Bluetooth for connectivity to your CPAP provider and smartphone applications with features such as view treatment data and tutorials.
  • Expiration relief comfort setting that reduces the pressure when you exhale.
  • Adjustable humidifier settings (5 setting options and adaptive or fixed technology). Control the level of humidity that is delivered with your pressure.
  • Auto heat option that will heat your humidifier prior to that nights use.
  • Auto start and auto stop option. This setting will turn the machine on and off when it senses breathing changes.
  • The heated tube humidifier has a simple lid and tub. It is easy to clean with no hard to reach places.
  • Easy to clean humidifier chamber and filters. 
  • View your treatment efficiency on colour screen that let’s you see how well you are doing on therapy. You therapy data can also be viewed through a smart phone application that let’s you see how well you are going.
  • Devices comes with a 5 year warranty. 
  • The humidifier can be detached if not using in Summer or while travelling.
  • The device can be used through 12 volt and battery supply (with the correct accessories).

Additional purchases such as:

  • Back-up/travel battery
  • Filters
  • Standard tubing
  • Humidifier accessories
  • 12 Volt connection
  • Battery connection.

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