Philips Dreamstation Disposable filters (6 Pack)


Dreamstation disposable filters are ultrafine filters used in conjunction with the reusable filter where increased filtration efficiency is required.


Philips Dreamstation Disposable filters (6 Pack)

Philips Dreamstation Disposable filters (6 Pack) are compatible with all Dreamstation CPAP machines. Disposable filters are recommended for those users sensitive to odour and allergies.

To install a disposable filter in your Dreamstation, slide the dark blue pollen filter out of the machine, securely snap the light blue ultra fine filter onto the base of the dark blue filter, and insert them both back into the device.

Please note these filters are disposable and are not suitable for washing. Replace Air filters every month to protect your device from damage caused by things such as dust and dander. Replace your filters if you have been unwell such as after colds and flu.

Regular filter maintenance ensures air quality which is important for your health. If you have allergies or have been unwell, your filters should be replaced more regularly. Filter replacement is also important for the health of your device. Blocked filters can cause the device to dysfunction, therefore device failure.

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