Resmed Airsense 10 Humidifier Chamber


Purchase is for 1 x Airsense Humidifier chamber for the Airsense 10 device (and does not include device).

NOTE: This chamber will only work with the Airsense 10 only.


Resmed Airsense 10 Humidifier Chamber

The Resmed Airsense 10 Humidifier Chamber is lightweight and durable. As such, it can be reused and washed.

The chamber consists of three parts. The base, the lid and the chamber seal. Therefore the chamber is easily disassembled to clean in any hard to reach places. It is best to use distilled water in humidifier chambers. You should clean your humidifier chamber regularly and replace them every 6 months, or consequently if you notice damage such as cracked plastic or seals.

Fill the chamber to the maximum fill line with fresh water every night. Discard remaining water in the morning and leave the chamber to dry. Wash the chamber with a disinfectant to get rid of germs, such as washing detergent.

If you wish to turn the humidifier off, purchase a side panel so that the chamber will not harbour germs and erode.

Warranty for the chamber is 3 months.

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Additional purchases for the Airsense Devices:

  • Back-up/travel battery
  • Filters
  • Standard tubing
  • Humidifier cover (to use without humidifier)
  • 12 Volt connection
  • Battery connection.
  • Heated tubing

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