Philips 60 Series System One heated tube


Philips 60 Series Remstar Heated Tubing.


Philips 60 Series System One heated tube

Purchase is for 1 x Replacement Philips 60 Series System One heated tube only.

NOTE: This tube will only work with the Philips 60 Series System One only.

For use on Philips System One machines with heated tube humidifiers. This heated tubing provides the optimal temperature and humidity for your comfort and virtually eliminates rain out.

The tubing heats through a copper wire that runs through the entire length of the tube. This in turn stabilises the tube temperature to stop condensation (or water) building up in your breathing tube.


  • One plastic and one rubber end for durability and strength when connecting to CPAP mask and CPAP machine connections.
  • The tube is Lightweight and flexible.
  • Tube is easy to clean.
  • Crush-resistant tubing with heating wire.
  • Replace the tube every 6 months, or consequently when damaged.
  • Stops water build up (rain out) in breathing tube.
  • Heated tube can be switched off in summer.

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