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Sleep Testing – at home or attended

Pacific Sleep Services offers home diagnostic sleep testing and attended sleep testing. For most people, a home sleep test is the most convenient option. Your GP or specialist doctor can refer you for the most appropriate test. If you require a home sleep test, Pacific Sleep clinicians spend time with you in our offices showing you how the testing device works. You then do the test while sleeping in the comfort of your own home. For attended sleep testing, you are assisted by a clinician during your overnight stay at our Toukley clinic. You will then receive the results of your test in a consultation with one of our sleep and respiratory physicians.

CPAP Therapy

After your sleep test, in some cases, CPAP therapy may be recommended. Pacific Sleep offers CPAP treatment trials, where you have the opportunity to trial different masks or machines, with the assistance of our clinicians. Our clinicians take the time to discuss the benefits of different devices with you, and then help you choose a solution to suit your lifestyle and your budget. Pacific Sleep offers ongoing support, with reviews of your treatment annually or more frequently if you require.


Pacific Sleep Services offers portable or fixed oxygen concentrators for hire or for purchase. Contact us for support if your doctor has recommended oxygen treatment for you.

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