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  • “Paul-Andre Thierry and Pacific Sleep Services basically saved my life by diagnosing my sleep apnea. Terrific support and service since then. Highly recommended”
    Sean, Sydney.

  • “I’ve recently been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. So what you may think, that’s not exactly life threatening. Actually it is. I, like most people I have spoken to now, didn’t know I had it…”
    Pete, Hornsby

  • ” I didn’t even realise I had a problem, I thought everyone was tired like me all day. I was scared of being diagnosed and having to wear a mask. The team at Pacific Sleep were wonderful, they made it so easy and it was. Now my life has changed, thank you to all of you…”
    Lisa, Sydney

There Are
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Contact your health care professional and ask for a referral to Pacific Sleep Services

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Experience Pacific Sleep Service’s renowned patient care.
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We believe that managing your sleep is the key to managing your life.

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Sleep, it is a wondrous thing, beloved from pole to pole…..